Recreation Ground

Recreation ground map and key

Ditchling recreation is in Lewes Road towards the east end of the village. The ground includes:

Please note should you wish to use the recreation ground for any organised activity for example fitness classes, please contact the Parish Clerk to arrange the necessary approval.  A charge is made for regular users and the necessary insurance and risk assessments must also be provided.  

Recreation Ground Consultation

In 2018 the parish council held a public consultation for a 10-year improvement plan. Several proposals were put to the public who were also asked for their ideas. Two consultation days were held in the village hall and the pavilion. The overall response from the public was excellent with most comments covering: 

  • upgrading the children’s play area
  • all-weather sports pitch
  • new wild-flower and grassland meadow area
  • upgrading and extending the Pavilion
  • enhancing access to the children’s play area from the Farm Lane entrance.

These will be given priority by the council. The council also manages the Droveway Shaw, a small area of land in The Droveway which is owned by UK Power Network. We are working with UKPower to improve this area for both wildlife and residents to enjoy.

January 2019 Consultation 

Information on the consultation and feedback is shown below: