Lewes District Council - Views sought on Local Plan

Published: 12 July 2021

Lewes District Council – Views sought on Local Plan

Lewes District Council will launch the first stage of public consultation into the new Lewes District Local Plan on Friday, July 9. Local Plans set planning policies for a particular area and are key to deciding future planning applications.

The consultation will run for eight weeks from the 9 July to the 3 September 2021 and focus on the broad principles for development such as climate change, the environment, jobs, housing, community infrastructure and supporting a prosperous local economy. At this stage the consultation does not deal with specific sites for development, however, the feedback will inform the draft Local Plan which will be consulted on later in the process.

The Local Plan has to balance the need for new development, such as the government’s aim to increase housebuilding, with the care and maintenance of the environment and the character and heritage of the district. Accordingly, it is really important that as many residents, businesses and other organisations as possible take part in the consultation, as their evidence will ensure the district ends up with a Local Plan that reflects their views.  For further information, follow the link  Lewes District Local Plan - Issues and Options - Lewes and Eastbourne Planning Policy Consultations (lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk)