ESCC Bus Service Consultation

Published: 18 August 2021

East Sussex County Council is developing a Bus Services Improvement Plan in collaboration with the county's bus operators.
This is in line with the Government's recently published National Bus Strategy - Bus Back Better, which requires all English local transport authorities to work with operators to come up with achievable plans for improving their local services and encouraging more people to use them. Central Government has pledged £3 billion in funding across the country to help deliver these plans. We would like to secure a fair share of this funding to improve bus travel across East Sussex.
As an important part of the Bus Service Improvement Plan, we want to hear what you think would improve local bus services and what would make you use buses more. We are keen to hear from people of all ages who already use buses and those who do not.
Please respond as soon as possible. Responses will help in the first Bus Service Improvement Plan.
Please note that the responses you provide will only be used for the purpose of shaping the content of Bus Service Improvement Plans.
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