Public bridleway Ditchling 59a,b and Westmeston 33

Published: 02 August 2022

The County Council is undertaking surface improvement works to a public bridleway in Ditchling and Westmeston parishes. This is the route leading up to Ditchling Beacon, also known as the ‘Wick Bostal’ and the work seeks to re-grade the central gully which has formed in the chalk surface.  No new material will be introduced, but due to the presence of machinery the path will be temporarily closed during the works which will commence on Monday 8th August and are expected to last 5 days. 


There are already advisory notices at each end of the path, but formal closure Notices will be put up in addition. Adjacent footpath Ditchling 60 from Beacon Road will also be closed, as illustrated on the map  Notice will also be on the East Sussex County Council Rights of Way webpages.